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In 1950 the furniture designer Poul M. Volther took over the leadership of the drawing office for FDB Furniture, after Boerge Mogensen. He belonged to a generation of architects with deep roots in the good workmanship.
As exponent of the functionalism Poul M. Volter was against the passing vogue and aesthetic smartness. Instead he trough his love, on the simple manufacture, with delicate materials.

Poul M Volther was originally educated cabinetmaker, he continued his studies on school of Fine Arts. He was teaching in several years on Denmark Design school, where he has left his mark on hundreds of young furniture designers.


Born 1936- Qualified as cabinetmaker in 1957. Graduated from the Danish Shool of Arts, Crafts and Design witk a degree in furniture design in 1962.Has taught at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Denmark Designshool.

Has run his own studio since 1963. Andreas Hansen has won many awards for his design.​


Born 1950 - Graduated as building technician and architect from the Academy of Art in Copenhagen.

Owner of his own architectual firm in Helsingør since 1970.

Scandinavian Furniture Award winner in 1992.

In addition to furniture design he works with building design, lighting etc.


Born in Norway in 1919, Graduated from technical college on Frederiksberg as interior designer.

Designd the Klein rocking chair.​


Designer and former producer of the Høffer chairs.

Where other designers starts drawing sketches of the chair, Kaj starts making a model by hand in scale1:1 to be in touch with teh material.

The production of Høffer chairs was sold to Trekanten-Hestbæk in 2008.​


Graduated as architect an designer from Aarhus Scool of Architecture in 2003.

Partner at Friis & Moltke Design.


Born 1950 - Graduated from Aarhus Scool of Architecture, specialising in architecture.

Has run his own studio in Odense since 1984.

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Trekanten-Hestbæk A / S is a 100% Danish-producing furniture factory which was founded back in 1928. The focus is and has always been on the Danish craft traditions and carefully selected raw materials that are transformed into beautiful furniture under the hands of knowledgeable carpenters.